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Care Massage

Your Gateway to Better Health


Specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services, we work to address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. Contact Take Care to find out more about how we can help you.

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Relaxation Massage

Also known as the Swedish Massage, this massage therapy modality uses long, slow, gliding techniques that are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Though recommended at least once per month, just one treatment can make an enormous difference to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Good for those who: 

- Want to start or enhance their self-care routine

- Work a physically demanding or desk job

- Are seeking relief from occasional muscle tension & discomfort

- Experience insomnia

- Would like to reduce stress

- Experience anxiety and/or depression

- Exercise regularly

- Have trouble relaxing

- Need to improve circulation

- Would like to improve muscle stiffness

- Need help improving range of motion

- Would like a healthier immune system

- Suffer from joint inflammation

- Find value in utilizing natural ways to improve their overall health

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Medical Massage

Medical massage therapy is designed to strategically address medical conditions diagnosed by a physician. Using specific techniques (myofascial, cupping, and fascia blasting), this massage therapy modality helps relax sore or tight muscles, relieve nerve pain, release trigger points, increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and much more. Additionally, medical massage avoids the side effects and dependency issues of prescribed pain medications.

Good for clients suffering from: 

- Herniated Discs

- Degenerative Discs

- Sciatica

- Scoliosis

- Plantar Fascitis 

- Decreased or Limited Range of Motion

- Decreased flexibility

- Headaches

- Migraines

​- Back Pain

- Muscle Strains

- Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

- Soft Tissue Injuries

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Whiplash

- Fibromyalgia

-Cerebral Palsy

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Soft Tissue Strains


" Health is a priceless wealth. Invest while you can"

Byant McGill

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Address: 2130 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14206, USA

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